Be A Tree

At Evergreen, we offer a beautiful new option for cremated ashes that ensures you will come full circle in life through nature. Now, you can “Be a Tree.” 

It starts with a special biodegradable urn, which contains your ashes, a natural soil additive that promotes growth, and the sapling tree of your choice. Evergreen offers a variety of trees native to the Southwest Virginia area. We plant your tree and provide ongoing care as you grow into a living memory tree that your family can visit and cherish.

Ellen Rae Houston is Virginia’s first to planted at Evergreen’s Green Hill Mausoleum in Buena Vista on Arbor Day weekend 2018. Be a Tree is exclusively offered by Evergreen Memorial Trust and is available at any of our five cemetery properties.


Tree selection:

Eastern Redbud           Sugar Maple               Red Maple
American Beech          European Beech          Ginkgo Biloba
Saucer Magnolia         Dogwood (Kousa)      Southern Magnolia
Sourwood                    Bald Cypress              Eastern White Pine
Littleleaf Linden         Yellowwood



$1800     Site, Biodegradable Urn, Placement and Planting, and Plaque
$1300     Biodegradable Urn, Placement and Planting, and Plaque at your own site